Destination degrees for Foundation Year

Your destination degree is the Monash University degree that you want to study after foundation year.

Once you have successfully completed foundation year, you will have guaranteed entry into the first year of an undergraduate degree at Monash University. Remember that you must meet the entry requirements and subject prerequisites.

Find all degrees in the Monash University course finder.

Important note

The scores listed in these tables may change. For a complete list and to check campus, intake dates, fees and course information, please visit Monash University course finder. Can't find the degree you want to study? View the complete list of Monash University destination degrees:

How to calculate your Foundation Year score

  • Step 1: Add your eight highest unit scores.
  • Step 2: Divide the total by eight.
  • Step 3: If eligible add bonus points. Add 1.25% of the score of each additional unit you pass to Step 2 (maximum of two bonus point units).

Foundation Year to Diploma

If you didn’t get the Foundation Year score you were hoping for, don’t worry.  Your Monash degree is just an extra step away. If you study a diploma, you can still achieve your goal and study the Monash degree you want to. Find out more now.