Foundation Year – extended

Pathway diagram Foundation Year Extended

The 14-week extended semester provides you with additional support in the areas of maths, chemistry and English. This option is recommended for students who don't have a strong background in
these subjects or who are looking for additional academic support.

During the extended semester, you'll complete four extended units to build your confidence and academic skills. These units don't contribute to your final score but will prepare you for success when
you enter the standard program.

Extended program at a glance

Destination 1st year Monash University 
Campus Docklands
Duration Extended (14 weeks) + standard program (12 months): 18 months total
Intakes February and August
What you will study 4 extended subjects
Contact hours 25 contact hours per week
Other prerequisites None
What it costs See dates and fees page

Course structure and subjects

The extended program is 14 weeks and you will study four subjects. After you successfully complete the extended program, you'll join the standard program. Your unit combination must include:

  • Extended English
  • Ideas and Communication
  • Foundations for Calculus (prepares you for Mathematics) or Mathematics in Context (prepares you for Fundamental Mathematics)
  • Business Enterprise (if you want to study a business degree) or Chemistry and Life (if you want to study a chemistry or biology subject).

Read more about your subjects in the foundation year subject guide.

Sample structure

Here is an example of what you might study.

Semester 1 Extended: 14 weeksSemester 2 Standard: 18 weeksSemester 3 Standard: 18 weeks
Extended English 
Ideas and Communication
Foundations for Calculus or Mathematics in Context
Business Enterprise or Chemistry and Life
Unit 1 English
Unit 1 Mathematics
Unit 1 Accounting
Unit 1 Globalisation
Unit 2 English
Unit 2 Mathematics
Unit 2 Accounting
Unit 1 Economics

You must successfully complete the extended program to start the standard program.

Remember: Your extended units do not count towards your final foundation year score. Your score will be calculated from the standard units.