Foundation year – standard

The standard foundation year program is the most popular among our students. It offers you the widest range of subject choices (choose from 12), helping you to enter all 10 Monash faculties. After successfully completing the standard program, you’ll have guaranteed entry into first year at Monash University.

Standard program at a glance

Destination1st year Monash University 
CampusMelbourne city
Duration12 months
IntakesJanuary and July
What you will studyChoose from 12 subjects, English is compulsory
Contact hours5 hours per unit, per week
Other prerequisitesNone
What it costsSee dates and fees page

How we teach



"In English, you'll be placed in a group to debate a topic with another group. The only difference – you're not allowed to talk! Because you cannot talk, you'll need to rely on writing, which helps you learn to translate your thoughts. It also helps you learn to collaborate with your classmates."

Course structure and subjects

The standard program is two semesters. In each semester you will study four subjects, and each subject is taught as two units. Your standard unit combination must

  • Unit 1 English and Unit 2 English (compulsory)
  • Unit 1 and Unit 2 of at least two other subjects
  • Two additional units

You also have the option to study one extra subject each semester and receive bonus points added to your final score.

What subjects should I choose?

In the standard program you have a choice of 12 subjects. English is compulsory. For the other subjects, you can choose any option you want. If you need help, our Head of Studies can help you choose the right subjects for your Monash University degree.

Read more about your subjects in the foundation year subject guide.

Sample structure

Here is an example of what you might study.

Semester 1: 18 weeksSemester 2: 18 weeks
4 or 5 subjects
Unit 1 English
Unit 1 Mathematics
Unit 1 Chemistry
Unit 1 Globalisation
+ optional bonus unit, eg Unit 1 Accounting
4 or 5 subjects 
Unit 2 English
Unit 2 Mathematics
Unit 2 Chemistry
Unit 1 Physics
+ optional bonus unit, eg Unit 1 Economics