Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

As the global population grows and ages, and as medicines become more complex, the need for pharmacists intensifies. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists play a vital role in improving the health of communities. If your interest is in inventing, developing and researching new medicines, you'll have the opportunity at Monash to learn from internationally-renowned scientists.

Your Monash College pathway

The Foundation Year is the only guaranteed pathway into Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences degrees at Monash University. All you need to do is satisfy the entry requirements and prerequisites and your place is secured.

Pathway diagram Foundation Year

Student using a large enclosed microscope in Pharmacy

Your pathway

Foundation year
Destination 1st year pharmacy or pharmaceutical science 
at Monash University


How long? Standard: 12 months
Intensive: 9 months
Extended: 18 months
Intakes January, March, July, August
What you will study Choose from 12 subjects
Prerequisites for Pharmacy: English, Chemistry
and Mathematics
Hours 5 hours per unit, per week
Prerequisites None
2022 Fees Standard/Intensive: $30,450
Extended: $43,575

Note: From Semester 1 2022, students who successfully complete MUFY Biology (unit 1 and 2) with a score (65%) average or above will be awarded an additional 2 points to count towards their final total MUFY score. This process however does not apply to other Monash undergraduate courses and will not be reflected on the student transcript.

Hear from a Pharmacy Alumni

Anne Chau, Vietnam/America
Foundation Year
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Pharmacist in Charge

"In Foundation Year I found my teachers were incredibly supportive. They really want you to do well, they really want you to get into the degree you selected so they spend a lot of time and resources to help you get there.”




  • Drug discovery biology
  • Formulation science
  • Medicinal chemistry

How we teach



"The practical activities you’ll participate include finding the amount of active ingredients in household cleaning products, to looking at the amount of fizzy bubbles in soft drinks, or the active colours in brown M&M’s. You’ll learn how to work collaboratively with your colleagues, and develop links between practical findings and theoretical concepts. We'll encourage you to engage in critical and creative thinking."

Your career options

Attaining a Monash University degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences can lead you to a career in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Drug development
  • Food technology
  • Formulation technology
  • Formulation science
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacy
  • Public health
  • Regulatory bodies