Diploma of Arts

If you want to work as a journalist, a psychologist, in politics, publishing, communications or foreign affairs, a Diploma of Arts can get you there. After successfully completing a Monash College diploma and achieving the required destination degree score, you will have guaranteed entry into second year at Monash University.

There are two streams to choose from – sociology or psychology – depending on what degree you’d like to study at university.

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How the program works

Our diplomas are in two parts, part 1 and part 2. The entry requirements in part 2 are higher. In part 1, you’ll study core arts subjects to prepare you for your chosen stream. In part 2, you’ll study the same subjects as first year university students and develop your specialist knowledge of sociology or psychology. Assessments include essays, group projects, presentations, research papers and a final exam.

Course information

Destination2nd year arts at Monash University
DurationPart 1: 8 months
Part 2: 8 months
IntakesFebruary, June and October
Study areaSpecialist: Sociology or Psychology
Want to study an arts and education double degree? Find out how
What you will studyPart 1: complete 8 core units
Part 2: complete 6 core units and 2 electives
Contact hours5–7 hours per unit, per week
What it costsSee our dates and fees page for details.

Meet Maria Isabella Reharta



"At Monash College, I learnt how to think critically and develop my own ideas. It also helped me get into my preferred course at Monash University! During my studies I worked a part-time job and completed a journalism internship with Speaker TV's Department of the Future."

Course structure and units

Trimester 1: 4 monthsTrimester 2: 4 months
MCD1350 Media Studies A: Film Studies
MCD1560 Introduction to Journalism
MCD1570 Introduction to Academic Writing
MCD1110 Data Analysis
MCD1360 Media Studies B: Mass Communication and the Modern World
MCD1540 Intercultural Business Communication
MCD1580 Introduction to Psychology
MCD1590 The Modern World

Download the Diploma of Arts Unit Guide (PDF, 4.67 MB)

Trimester 1: Four monthsTrimester 2: Four months
MCD6010 Academic Writing
MCD6020 Media and Culture
MCD6090 Contemporary Worlds 1
MCD6120 Introduction to Sociology (Sociology stream)
MCD6080 Psychology 1A (Psychology stream)
MCD6040 Professional Writing
MCD6050 Communications and Society
MCD6130 Contemporary Worlds 2
MCD6140 The Individual and Society (Sociology stream)
MCD6110 Psychology 1B (Psychology stream)

Download the Diploma of Arts Unit Guide (PDF, 4.67 MB)

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What careers can a Diploma of Arts lead you to?

Social policy
International relations