Monash English Placement Test

The Monash English Placement Test (MEPT) is a one-hour English exam. It tests your grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

MEPT is ideal if you do not have an IELTS or other approved international test score. If you need to complete Monash English before starting at Monash College or Monash University, consider taking MEPT.

The free, one-hour test can be taken at any Monash-approved agent's office. Based on the test results, you may receive a packaged offer for Monash English and your destination course.

After completing Monash English, to enter Monash University degrees you must meet the English prerequisites and achieve the required IELTS (or equivalent) score.

Prospective students

If you are applying to Monash and do not have a current IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson test result, ask your agent about MEPT. Find a registered Monash agent

Monash Agents

Contact your Monash Regional Manager for access to MEPT test materials and online training.

Please note: The results cannot be used for any purpose other than a request for a packaged offer or stand-alone Monash English program at the Monash University English Language Centre. The results must be accompanied or preceded by an application for Monash University, Monash College, Monash University Foundation Year, or the Monash English program at the Monash University English Language Centre.​


Apply to become an authorised MEPT invigilator 
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