Studying English at Monash will help you develop your English language and academic skills so you can succeed at Monash College and Monash University.

Our teachers are trained to teach international students. They will support you as you learn how to study in Australia. Each campus has academic advisers, counsellors and a student experience team to support your learning and to help you get involved in activities. There are excellent facilities to help you develop your English during and after class.

Enjoy living and studying in Melbourne – you can practise your English every day. You will also meet students from different countries so you can speak English with your new friends.

Five reasons to study English at Monash:

  1. Courses designed for students going to Monash.
  2. Qualified teachers who understand the needs of students going to university.
  3. Dedicated student support and student experience teams.
  4. Programs tailored to the learning needs of students from different countries.
  5. Experience in developing independent learners.

Our courses

We offer three English courses to help you enter Foundation Year, Diplomas, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees and higher degrees of research.

If you need help meeting English language entry requirements, you may receive an offer to complete an English program.

Our English courses:

Choosing the right English course

The course that is right for you depends on your current level of English and the entry requirements of your Monash course. We will assess your English skills when you apply. You will be offered a place in the English program that suits you best.

Classes will help you develop your language and academic skills so you are ready for Monash College or Monash University.