Monash Maths Bridging Program is first class

What would you do if you narrowly missed out on getting into your degree course? For seven lucky prospective Monash students, they had the opportunity to redress history by completing a new Monash Maths Bridging program.

About the program

The program was targeted to students who had missed out on entry into a Monash degree, because their maths score marginally missed the prerequisite.

The College-University run pilot program saw seven domestic students get back on their pathway to Monash.

Three of the students were a part of the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), which provides special consideration for people who have experienced educational disadvantage, including disability, medical condition, family circumstances or financial disadvantage.

The program involved intensive delivery with the students attending classes at Monash College for four hours per day over four weeks.

If the students hadn't had this Maths Bridging opportunity, they would have had to change their preferred course or university.

Motivated to succeed

The student's used this second-chance to their advantage – with all passing with final scores ranging from 74 to 94%.

All have gone onto their preferred Monash destination degrees of Commerce/Economics, Commerce/Arts, Commerce, and Laws/Commerce.

The students involved commented favourably about how the course was taught, the group work with fellow students, and especially the individual support from the teacher. All students reported they would recommend the program to others, and interestingly had a strong view that if the program were delivered online that they would 'not have been motivated to attend to the required learning'.

What next?

This program is another example of Monash College's commitment to transform students' lives, as well as support the University.

Discussions are underway for further delivery in 2018.